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Free Text Advert Free Internet Advert BUY for FREE from your neighbour, your local shop, your country or the World! BuySellFree TM are like a FREE ADVERT world-wide directory. And a Free Advert index, plus search engine. ALL the adverts in one place. For free to anyone who spends a few minutes to place their Free Ad. And free to everyone to find, buy and sell!

You can place or search for any type of advert here, on our free advert market. Any of these can be used. 1. Free Text Advert. 2. Free Ad. 3. Free Business Classified Ad. 4. Free Car Advert. 5. Free Internet Advert. 6. Free Classified Advert. 7. Free Advert. 8. Free Web Advert.... In fact the numbers go on to infinity. But more than this, people can FIND what they search for. Because we have designed the software system to do this. Unlike the Internet itself.

What is for sale? Everything - goods and services - cars, homes, jobs, holidays, financial loans, savings, books, music, electronics, clothes, pets, shops, wholesale, manufacturers, business to business... You can sell your items too, if you Register, Login then place an advert.

You can find goods or services to buy with our Search system, in your area and by price. We are a new site, so please give us time for adverts to appear. Keep coming back!

You do not have to Register or pay anything to search or buy. But if you Register, you can make a Report on the Seller - Good, OK or Bad. To help other buyers and be helped yourself. BuySellFree TM is a World community market - for free trade at a free price! Working together to help the world and each other.

Tell your friends, tell everyone about us. The great FREE new way to buy and sell. Click above or below for help on How to Search, Buy and Sell. This site is designed to be simple and easy to use. Use Contact us above to send an Email with any suggestions how BuySellFree TM can improve. Join us now to buy or sell for free. And bookmark this page to remember us. Thank you.

Free Adverts for goods wanted can be placed here too. Put yourself on the WWW map with a Free Internet Advert here on BuySellFree TM. Register once only then Login and place your Free Advert. You do not have to type the Free Ad, just copy and paste from your web site page or a file in your word processor.

Please tell others to place a Free Text Advert here. Or a Free Advert with a graphic. A Free Ad costs them nothing. And we are growing fast with all the search engines. So people will find us and your Free Internet Advert here. Classified ads on the Internet are one of the fastest growing sectors. Your Free Classified Advert or Free Web Advert here, will pay you and others too. Our world market for Free Web Adverts is the future for the world Internet. For business a Free Business Classified Ad or Free Ad with graphics, may give them millions of extra free sales! To buy or sell your auto, use a Free Car Advert. We plan to become the World market to buy and sell. Join us, use us and prosper! Make us your homepage.

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Free Classified Advert To SELL or advertise any item or service, Register once only on menu above. Then Login anytime, to place or edit your adverts.

Free Business Classified Ad Free Ad You have more chance of winning the Lottery than being found on the Internet. A search for DVD on Google has about 500,000,000 results! What is the chance your web page or advert will be found by an Internet search? On BuySellFree you can almost guarantee a buyer will see your advert. Because our search algorithm is smart and will change as our advert database grows, to give more complexity and more intelligence. Place your free advert with us NOW! We are here for the long term and you can trust us.

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Just Register your details for the first time only, then Login and complete the easy form to create your adverts. We promise to save you time and money. Our costs are ZERO for a FREE text advert. Compare this to Ebay and their fees of about 5% of your sale price. And a bigger percentage of your profits! Read more about your costs with Ebay. Or Yell who can charge hundreds of pounds. Be smart, let the world find you and use us too!

All FREE text adverts must be words only, 500 or less. You can place a graphic file for free on another server such as or Our help on the form when you place an advert, shows you how. This is a method of distributed computing, that allows us to run a system of millions of shared servers, with just one linked controller.

"Special" Sponsor adverts on this page are shown below. Or you can place one of these on the Advert Search results page. Send us an Email for more details on Sponsor ads.

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This company is here to help small and medium size business grow. You can help us and your company by becoming a Sponsor. Your name will be shown here with a link to your website. You can pay us monthly or a single payment for one year. From £100 minimum per month will place your company or brand name and web link here. Send us an Email to discuss this.

You can also place a small graphic logo here up to 3K in size. With a link to your web site. The cost is £500 per month. Send us an email with the graphic logo for approval. A maximum of ONLY 5 logos will be used at any one time. See below for an example.


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BuySellFree TM are the future, join us now. Thank you.

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This site is a tool to help you buy and sell, with a low cost or Free Advert. It is not designed to win awards with large or complex graphics, which slow down a server. But we have chosen a few special Internet sites that we like and are worth your visiting, for their design. They have all been given the BuySellFree Bravo! Award for Internet Design 2006. We hope you enjoy them. Send us an Email to suggest another site.
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